Setting yourself up for success e-book

Want to start investing but don’t quite know where to start? This book helps guide you through the process in 3 easy steps, taking you from understanding your own investment style to how to research companies and make your first trade

Financial Dictionary

Stuck trying to figure out some of the terminology that is used in finance read here for our guide on how to separating your alphas from your betas, your longs from your shorts and the bulls from the bears.

Finding a Broker

When trying to find a broker things can get a little confusing at first. Do you want CHESS sponsored or custodian, how much will each trade cost you and what sort of research tools are provided.

Here we try to break these choices down for you to make the choice a little easier

All about ETF’s

You will often hear a lot of advice given around just buy and index fund but what exactly are they and how can this passive investment tool help grow our wealth